Water funnel The Vortex Brewer® is unlike any compost tea brewing system on the market.

There is no water pump involved in the circulation. The unit operates entirely by an influx of air. The Vortex Brewer® creates its own dynamic vortex flow of water.

Water naturally flows in a vortex, such as when a river meanders through the countryside, or a wave rolls onto the beach, or a spring rushes up from an underground aquifer, or a raindrop spirals as it falls to the earth. A whirlpool would be the most dramatic, visual example.

Vortex Brewer MachineAll those natural processes create what is called "living water". Water becomes alive when the vortex pulls into it the Earths subtle and powerful life energy forces.

We have all experienced living water at one time or another, such as when we drink from a fresh, Overhead view of Vortexbubbling creek, or bathe in a natural healing mineral spring, or dance in a spring rain shower, or stand in the ocean as the rolling waves crashed into our bodies.

We feel invigorated and alive. The same process works in the Vortex Brewer® .

By allowing water to flow in this naturally created vortex motion the Vortex Brewer® is able to enliven the vibrational energies manifest in our powerful, proprietary compost tea formulations...

Vortex Brewer Diagram
Creating Living Compost Tea!

This natural process is the backbone behind the concepts of living water, water memory, biodynamic agriculture and homeopathic medicine.

With the Vortex Brewer® , "We don't make a vortex, we allow it!"

The Vortex Brewer® offers an entirely new level of compost tea; you've never experienced anything like this in your garden or farm before...guaranteed!

The Vortex Brewer® is a revolution in compost tea brewing.

It is simple, yet extraordinarily profound. Crafted with food grade components, it can be used to create living compost tea solutions, as a mixing machine for hydroponic & gardening nutrient solutions, or even for re-vitalizing drinking water.

Vortex Brewer Unique Features:
Vortex Brewer"A Revolution in Creating Living Compost Tea!"

  • A Complete Turnkey Compost Tea System Using Vortex Motion

  • Create Living Compost Tea, Enlivened Water, & Potentized Fertilizers

  • Based on BioDynamic, Homeopathic, & Subtle Energy Concepts

  • Works as an Extractor, Nutrient Mixer, & BioDynamic Flow Form

  • Much Higher Air Infusion & Dissolved Oxygen

  • 15, 30, 60, 85, 110, 250, 500, 800, 1000, up to 10,000 gallon units available

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"I've been gardening for many years now. I've used just about every brand of plant food available and never experienced such positive results as I have with Progress Earth compost tea & Earth Recharge."
- Tim Teall, WA

Watch this video of very excited customer testimonies about
the Vortex Brewer's® organic and BioDynamic compost tea.

Even farmers love our organic and BioDynamic inputs, watch this video

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"Progress Earth's Vortex Brewer compost tea works outstanding. The growth and plants performance is unheard of. If you're not growing using these nutrients you're not growing the right way - period."
- D. H. California

And we will include free information on these AMAZING Products too...

Earth Compound Unique Features:
Earth Compound"The Finest Compost Tea Inoculant on the Planet!"

  • Genuine BioDynamic Compost made in Whisky Barrels

  • Made from the Finest Materials on a Certified Organic Farm

  • Hand Crafted Ingredients Buried for up to a Year

  • Water Soluble So No Need for Using Filter Bags

  • Use for Compost Tea, Stand Alone in Hydroponics & Soil, or Field Spray

  • 8 oz., 24 oz., 1 gallon & 5 gallon sizes offered...Bulk sizes available too

Earth Tonic Unique Features:
Earth Tonic"Life Force for Every Plant!"

  • Give Your Plants Everything - Over 90 Elements Instead of the Standard 16

  • Derived from 100% Organic Materials - Live Ocean Water, Himalayan Crystal Salt, and Enhanced with Colloidal Clay & All 9 BioDynamic Preparations

  • 7 Times More Concentrated than Seawater Alone

  • Makes Compost Tea, Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Work Better

  • Increases Yields, Enhances Flavor, Provides Natural Pest Control from the Inside

  • 4 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 gallon, & 5 gallon sizes offered...Bulk sizes available too

Earth Syrup Unique Features:
Earth Syrup"Sweet Treats for Your Plants!"

  • Molasses-Based, Premium Crafted Dry Blend of Organic Nutrients

  • Micronized Powder for Maximum Availability

  • Amazing Diversity, Contains Over 10 Beneficial Ingredients

  • Specifically Designed for the Vortex Brewer® Compost Tea System

  • Can Be Used as a Stand Alone Product As Well

  • 32 oz., 1 gallon, & 5 gallon sizes offered...Bulk sizes available too

Earth Kelp Unique Features:
"Triple Concentrate Blend of Enhanced Kelp Extracts!"Earth Kelp

  • Two Kelp Species for Maximum Diversity Harvested from Pristine Waters

  • THREE Times the Concentration of Leading Industry Kelps

  • Powerful Source of Beneficial Plant Growth Hormones

  • Extracted Using ZERO Harsh Chemicals or Heat

  • Enhanced with BioDynamic Herbs, Colloidal Minerals and Humus

  • 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 gallon, & 5 gallon sizes offered...Bulk sizes available too

Earth Recharge Unique Features:
Earth Recharge"Living Super Soil - Life! Energy! Creation!"

  • Genuine Handcrafted BioDynamic Humus From the Finest Ingredients

  • Makes Instant Compost Tea Fast and Easy in Just Seconds, Not Hours

  • Real Microbes and Micronutrients for Your Soil or Growing Media

  • Turns Dirt into Live Soil and Enlivens Raised Beds and Used Potting Soil

  • Produces the Healthiest Roots, Leaves, Flowers, and Fruit You've Ever Seen!

  • 32 oz., 1 gallon, & 5 gallon sizes offered...Bulk sizes available too

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