The Vortex Brewer® is Unlike ANY Other Compost Tea Brewing System

“I have been into brewing compost teas for a long time… The Vortex Brewer® is superior to all competitors.” – Aaron B., Eureka, CA

Making compost tea is not a new concept. Many remember their grandparents loading up a sock full of compost or bat guano to let steep in a bucket for a faq_riverday on the farm, or used the liquid remnants of a worm or compost bin on their houseplants.

This concept has been enhanced by way of “actively aerated compost tea” (AACT) in order to multiply and encourage air-loving beneficial organisms. However, the innovations basically stop there.

The basic concept of creating an aerobic living solution has been gussied up and made to look pretty from the outside, with expensive molds and fancy marketing; but inside they all do the same thing – simply apply air to a stagnant solution, or, merely “extract” existing biology from a humus source. They agitate, they don’t circulate.

The Vortex Brewer® separates itself from other methods of biological activation, by using air to create vortexial circulation. Rather than passively disturbing the solution, the Vortex Brewer® actively blends and circulates the mixture. This is not functionally irrelevant.

faq_15For instance, the suction of the vortex accomplishes increased air and (DO) levels relative to

other methods, actually supersaturating the solution in order to benefit biological activity.

While we recommend brewing compost tea for maximum benefit, the Vortex Brewer® can be used as an extractor, for mixing organic or hydroponic nutrient solutions, stirring BioEnergetic creations, or to create living water.

Many farmers use the Vortex Brewer® as a batch extractor by spinning Earth Compound (formerly Genesis Compound) and Earth Tonic for use as a field spray. Others use it to mix their growing solutions in order to potentize, or create higher order and synergy amongst ingredients, even when not using biological products.

Still others use the Vortex Brewer™ to create living water. Water should be treated as a primary nutrient…because it is. It defines life. More directly, it allows life. It is the medium by which Nature communicates with herself. The form used is the spiral vortex.