About Bio-dynamic Farming

Justis Von Liebig ashed some plants and upon analysis found the major minerals to be nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Our agronomic system is still based on this information that was founded in about 1861. We have learned much about the short sighted vision of this chemical view or chemical mentality that has been inflicted on Nature and Humanity.

Biodynamic farming is maximizing the potential for plant growth by recreating the complete and complex synergy between minerals, microbes and enzymes present in nature. Biodynamic farming is the highest level of growing technique, and those that strive to create the best growing environment possible.

Bio-Dynamic farming was the very first response to chemical farming, as a way to rejuvinate soil that had been poisoned by chemical fertilizers, which address the basic needs of plants, but eventually leave a buildup of chemicals and salts, poisoning the earth. Bio-dynamic farming provides these same nutrients to plants, in a sustainable way, with greater diversity, resulting in a healthier and stronger crop, that does not decrease the quality of the soil.

List of biodynamic farming principles based on The Agriculture Course

1. Use a Diverse source of microbes and minerals while maintaining their balance and purpose. A diverse growing medium supports plant growth in a more balanced way, allowing the plant an option of nutrients to use ensures every plant can have what it needs, when it needs it.

2. Dymatize every input possible, don’t just use water, use energized and fully oxygenated water. Maximize beneficial bacteria growth for fertilizer.

3. Pay attention to the solar, lunar and planetary cycles and their impact on plants.

4. Your mineral uptake increases with enzymes, your enzymes increase with bacteria, your bacteria increases with the right humidity, oxygen levels, heat, and a food source.

instead of adding bulk nutrients, Bio-Dynamic farmers add systems that connect minerals and compounds with the bacterial enzymes plants need to break them down. These system preparations are based on the natural systems that have created and sustained life on our planet.

“In creating preparations, we’re dealing with very specific biological and energetic processes,” he said. “We end up with highly concentrated preparations that combine cosmic, seasonal, animal and plant energies.” – Steve Storch

Link to List of 9 preparations.