What is compost tea?

Simply put, compost tea is a living solution.

Brewing compost tea is the act of growing microorganisms, or microbes, in an aerated solution using biological inoculants (such as Storch Compund), catalysts (such as Storch Tonic), and food sources (such as molasses).

The result of brewing compost tea is growing the microbes that make up the soil food web, such bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and other beneficial microscopic organisms, to exponential concentrations. There’s another universe down there!

A Vortex Brewer® creates the best environment possible for this growth, and the imputes we sell are the highest quality available.

The Vortex Brewer® is unlike any compost tea brewing system on the market, and has limitless uses.

Not only does the Vortex Brewer® create living, organic compost tea, but it acts as an extractor, it will potentize fertilizer recipes, allow for perpetual brewing, and can stir BioEnergetic concoctions for anything from stimulating soil regeneration to concentrating pest or disease control applications.

All of this is done through respect for the abilities of water. Water is a magical substance that when used merely to dissolve substances as a delivery system loses its greatest ability to hydrate cells and facilitate the communication of subtle energies.

The Vortex Brewer® is designed and constructed with energizing and enhancing the abilities of water in mind.

Water is allowed a totally unimpeded flow in the Vortex Brewer®, no filters or water pumps are involved in the circulation. The unit operates entirely by an influx of air. The Vortex Brewer® actually creates its own dynamic vortex flow of water.

We also incorporate orgone into the construction of the unit that, when combined with the ingredients in our brewing recipe, create resonant and extremely potent solutions for your garden or farm. With the Vortex Brewer®, “We don’t make a vortex, we allow it!”

Water naturally flows in a vortex, such as when a river meanders through the countryside, or a wave rolls onto the beach, or a spring rushes up from an underground aquifer, or a raindrop spirals as it falls to the Earth. A whirlpool would be the most dramatic, visual example.

All those natural processes create what is called “living” or “energized” water. Sounds funny, but so is not considering that the word water can come no place close to the actual importance and dynamic nature of this substance to our lives and to our gardens.

The Vortex Brewer® beckons water to come alive when implosion pulls into it the subtle and powerful life energy forces of the Earth and the products used within.

We have all experienced living water at one time or another, such as when we drink from a fresh, bubbling creek, or bathe in a natural healing mineral spring, or dance in a spring rain shower, or stand in the ocean as the rolling waves crashed into our bodies.

We feel invigorated and alive. The same process works in the Vortex Brewer®.

By allowing water to flow in this naturally created vortex motion the Vortex Brewer® is able to enliven the vibrational energies manifest in our powerful, proprietary compost tea formulations. This natural process is the backbone behind the concepts of living water, water memory, BioDynamic agriculture and homeopathic medicine.