this seaon in the bee yard. the bees and the stinging nettles thrive together. slightly raised platforms off the ground with even footing for the beekeeper [not me!]. bioenergetic Tesla -Reich energy generators to prevent “chemtrail” crap from landing on the farm and bees and of course, lots of vortex brewed field sprays through out the seasons. in the spring, silica, equisetum tea ferment, milk and honey; early summer: nettles ttea, comfrey tea, compound, equisetum ferment, bd500/horn manure; mid summer: compound, seaweed tea, nettles, mollasses; fall-winter: horn manure, silica, equisetum, storch oil [warmth], valerian [warmth], milk and maple syrup. spray the bee yard with this and you will have happy bees. of course these field sprays are all potentized in the vortex brewer system, best process on earth!