Q: Who is Progressive Farms?

A: Progressive Farms is a distributor of premium gardening products. We work with retail garden centers, farmers, landscapers, professional growers, backyard and indoor gardeners and just about everyone in between.

Our goal is to do business through education and build relationships with our customers that nurture us towards growing success and operating in a more effective and efficient manner towards the Earth.

We do not try and sell everything to everybody. We do our research and we stand behind our products. We’re here to help you grow the best garden of your life!


Q: What is a Vortex Brewer®?

A: The Vortex Brewer® is the brainchild of farmer extraordinaire Steve Storch. He created it as a result of inspiration from Steiner, Viktor Schauberger, Wilhelm Reich, and others who were tapped into the rhythms of Nature.

Storch tends a 100 acre farm in New York where he creates his Earth alchemy using BioEnergetic techniques and materials, so the Earth may be healed.

The Vortex Brewer® is the premier compost tea machine in the world. It’s not only a brewer, but a complete turnkey system. There’s nothing like it.

It can be used for limitless possibilities in addition to brewing compost tea, such as creating living water, stirring the BioDynamic preparations (BD500-508), as a batch extractor, or mixing nutrient solutions, and provides a functional benefit over every other compost tea/extractor on the market.

Other units agitate, they don’t circulate. Your garden or farm has never seen anything like this. It is a unique product that can be used to diversify a retail garden business, as a dynamic tool for farming or for growing the best back yard or indoor garden of your life.

The Vortex Brewer® is Life in Motion.


Q: What is BioEnergetics?

A: BioEnergetics is a method of farming and gardening that incorporates all aspects of living systems into the consideration. Healthy soil involves physical, mineral, biological and energetic components and the Vortex Brewer® is unique in that it addresses all of them.

Conventional growing is drowning and “organic” growing is treading water. BioEnergetic growing is swimming where you want to go.


Q: What is compost tea?

A:Simply put, compost tea is a living solution. Brewing compost tea is the act of growing microorganisms, or microbes, in an aerated solution using biological inoculants, catalysts, and food sources.

The result of brewing compost tea is growing microbes, such bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and other beneficial microscopic organisms, to extraordinary concentrations. There’s another universe down there!

Compost tea contains living beneficial microbes found naturally in healthy soil and compost. When added to a growing situation these microbes replicate and perform dynamic and often unmeasureable functions that naturally increase plant health, soil vitality, nutrient absorption, resistance to pests & disease, and help the plants to acquire nutrients that may not be in a plant available form.

More importantly, they perform functions that humans or man-made materials cannot.


Q: What’s in your compost tea? Can I drink it?

A:Nope, don’t drink it, but it is absolutely the best thing you can do for your garden.

The base of compost tea is the microorganisms that come from compost, not unlike what you make in your average back yard compost pile. But we don’t use average compost.

Composting is the harnessing of a natural process for human benefit. Composting happens on the forest floor, we just don’t call it composting.

Compost tea is concentrating composting. Compost tea is a concentrated form of Nature.

A good analogy for the significance of beneficial microbes is that, in a forest, the trees don’t eat the leaves, they eat what the microbes make of them. In other words, microbes make plant food.

When you expose microbes from good compost (Earth Compound ) to mineral catalysts (Earth Tonic ) and food sources (Earth Syrup and Earth Kelp), magical things happen.


Q: What are microorganisms, or microbes?

A: Microbes comprise the lower trophic levels, or life levels, of the soil food web. They consist of, from smallest to largest – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes.

Microbes are microscopic. Up to 500,000 bacteria can fit in the period of the exclamation point at the end of this sentence! There’s another universe down there.

Microbes are abundant. A teaspoon of native grassland soil contains 600-800 million bacteria comprising ~10,000 species, plus approximately 5,000 species of fungi, the mycelia of which could be stretched out for several miles. In the same teaspoon, there may be 10,000 individual protozoa of over 1,000 species, plus 20-30 different nematodes from as many as 100 different species.

Microbes are extraordinarily prolific. A single microbe reaching maturity and dividing within less than half an hour, can, in the course of a single day, grow into 300 million more, and in another
day to more than the number of human beings than have ever lived. In four days of unlimited growth, bacteria can outnumber all of the protons and even the quarks estimated by physicists to exist within the entire universe.

Microbes are magical. Microbes have been feeding plants for FAR longer than humanity, and vice versa. Plants actually feed the soil to attract them. In fact, up to 50% of the materials created by plants through photosynthesis are fed to the soil as ‘exudates’. In other words, plants make meals to attract microbes.

Microbes are absolutely vital. Not to be too profound, but microbes are literally responsible for the world around us. They’re for more than hand sanitizer!


Q: What is BioDynamics?

A: BioDynamics is a component of BioEnergetic farming. It is a tool into the workings of the natural world, primarily through the use of special preparations, numbered BD500-508 by Rudolf Steiner in lectures delivered to farms in 1924.

Steiner was asked to speak to these farmers about issues they were experiencing in their farming practices after the introduction of chemical fertilizers in Europe. They were noticing a loss of life force in their crops, but most evidently in their livestock, and in themselves.

What Steiner brought forward to them is nothing short of miraculous. It is not contained in a work called The Agriculture Course, which can be found in our library.

Steiner challenged us to use his ideas as a platform, as a starting point to new discoveries. He knew that life could not be contained by a single man’s ideas. He was humble to the secrets of life.

He taught us how to learn to work with the unobservable aspects of living systems and gardens. There is MUCH more to living systems than what can be measured or experienced directly with our senses.

BioEnergetic agriculture is tapping into this reality by respecting, not just the physical/mineral/ biological aspects of living systems, but the energetic realities.

We highly recommend starting your journey into this fascinating subject by reading the book Secrets of the Soil, also found in our library.

When working with subtle energies by potentizing water with the form of a vortex it is possible to use the Vortex Brewer® as a BioEnergetic mixing machine for creating field sprays.

In this application, one can use Earth Compound and Earth Tonic without even adding food sources. The Vortex Brewer® brings water to life and allows it to be imbued and remember the vibrations of potent substances. This is the basis of homeopathic medicine and BioDynamic agriculture.

The powerful energies of Earth Compound and Earth Tonic are communicated through the living water into the field. The idea is, rather than grow the microbes in the brewer, grow microbes in the soil by changing the setting of the field, so to speak. Simply allow your ingredients to stir for at least one hour before applying to the garden of fields. Five gallons of solution is sufficient for an acre of land.

Try it.


Q: What is a biological analysis good for?

A: Asking for a lab assay sounds like the right thing to do. It is not irrelevant, but think about it, what is it that you are looking for on this biological analysis that means anything to a growing plant?

In regards to compost tea, the most important thing to a plant is the strength, diversity, and teamwork of the living organisms and how well they cycle the food sources you feed them into plant food.

All microbes are not the same. You cannot see this strength or diversity for what it truly is under a microscope. In other words, a bacterial:fungal ratio tells you nothing about the specific players involved and it certainly doesn’t tell you how well the product works on your growing plants. The only way to know this for sure is to have an experience.

While it may be impossible to project through a label, the strength and diversity of the microbes inEarth Compound are unparalleled. The microbes in Earth Compound all grew up together on a BioDynamic and certified organic farm that has been in the same family for 350 years. They work seamlessly together and are very good friends.

The biological analysis is good for illustrating a lack of pathogens in the brew, however, this fear is overblown. It has been determined that E. coli, the most feared pathogen of the compost tea conversation, if deliberately inoculated into a aerated compost tea brew will not be present after 4-6 hours. If the conditions are right, there is no worry of pathogens.


Q: What else will I need to brew compost tea?

A: Nothing. The Vortex Brewer® is a complete turnkey system. It comes plug and play with high powered air pump and the highest quality construction. Many brewing systems make you find your own input sources, but we don’t leave you answering any questions.

Every unit comes with enough Earth Compound , Earth Tonic , Earth Syrup, Earth Kelp andStorch Oil for 2 complete brews!


Q: Why is Earth Compound superior to other biological inoculants?

A: Earth Compound is genuine BioDynamic barrel compost. Many biological inoculants are created by humans in a lab, meaning that a person chose the microbes involved in the biological product. Ask yourself, how can a human know this?

Earth Compound is 100% from Nature and contains ALL microbes, as they have developed on a farm that has been in the same family for 350 years.

Just like mineral elements, it is impossible for humans to know the complexity of biological systems. Think about it, on a basketball team the center cannot dunk without an assist from the point guard.

At the same time, no matter how good they are, a team of point guards cannot win a basketball tournament. It takes teamwork to make a system work. A basketball team is no Mother Nature, but you get the idea.

All of the microbes in Earth Compound grew up together and have been preparing for your garden for a very long time. It is the biological inoculant you’ve been training for.

The beneficial microbes found within are all very good friends, ready to be put into the lineup to help your garden achieve its highest potential.


Q: What does Earth Tonic do for compost tea?

A: Earth Tonic is a BioEnergetically enhanced mineral catalyst. It contains over 90 elements in a natural ionic colloidal form. Microbes use elements as tools to create the enzymes and other metabolic compounds that allow them to work their magic.

Every element on the periodic table has an enzyme potential, called a co-factor. This means that if all mineral elements are not present all enzymes cannot be created.

If you are brewing compost tea (or growing a garden) and not working with ALL elements, it’s like hiring someone to build a house and giving them half the tools.

Earth Tonic is the biological tool kit.


Q: What is Earth Syrup?

A: Earth Syrup is a molasses-based product diversified with a consortium of beneficial organic ingredients.It contains molasses, kelp, fish, humates, soft rock phosphate, whey, feather meal, worm castings, yucca, greensand, and VAM myccorhizal fungi.

The ingredients represent food sources for microbes. The diversity of the product allows microbes a varied selection of food in order to create the most varied forms of fertilizer for plants to eat.

All ingredients are micronized below 50 micron for maximum availability to plant and microbe.


Q: Why is Earth Kelp the best liquid kelp on the market?

A: Earth Kelp is the king of liquid kelps. Not only does it contain TWO forms of kelp – Ascophyllum nodosum and Ecklonia maxima – it has trace amounts of Earth Tonic as well.

The kelp concentration is THREE TIMES the competitors and with the addition of the living minerals and humic materials from Earth Tonic , the result is a liquid kelp that cannot be beat.

The goodies contained inside the cell wall of kelp plants is what benefits plants. All liquid kelps are a result of an extraction. The cheap way to do this is with caustic chemicals and heat.

There is no heat or harsh chemicals used to extract the liquid kelp in Earth Kelp. We use a proprietary cellular infusion extraction that physically breaks down the cell wall.

The cytoplasm inside is chock full of minerals, micronutrients, and varied phytohormones such as cytokinins, auxins, and gibberillins. Kelp is one of the only sources of these dynamic compounds in Nature and they result in amazing results with plants.


Q: What is Storch Oil?

A: Storch Oil is a result of Viktor Schauberger’s maxim, “Comprehend and copy Nature.” One of its functions is to reduce foam in compost tea. This is a result of the digestion of proteins by microbes and can be a nuisance to brewers, especially retail businesses using the Vortex Brewer® to distribute compost tea to their customers.

As little as 2-3 drops of Storch Oil can control foam in the Vortex Brewer® for up to 18 hours. It doesn’t take much!

Storch Oil is a special blend of living minerals with neem, karanja, and menhaden fish oil. Neem and karanja oils are pressed form the seed of the respective tree and are cousins. They have been used for millennia as antispectics and as pest controls.

We have witnessed zero negative influence on microbes in compost tea under the microscope. In fact, the menhaden fish oil is a great fungal food.


Q: What is Earth Recharge ?

A: Earth Recharge is a genuine BioEnergetic compost created in windrows on a certified organic BioDynamic farm. It can be used to make instant compost tea, to recharge raised beds, or even to re-use potting spent soil.

It is extremely concentrated, working at very low concentrations. Some growers report that less than 1% by volume creates dynamic results.

Stir it back and forth before delivering to the garden or fields and make compost tea in minutes, not hours. For a more energetically potent solution, stir in the Vortex Brewer® for an hour before distribution.


Q: Do your input products have a shelf life?

A: There is no shelf life on our products. The microbes contained in Earth Compound and Earth Recharge are dormant and stable. When compost is dormant the microbes form cysts that can stay dormant almost indefinitely. For most cysts moisture triggers them to execyst (or hatch), so they are not activated until brewed.

Earth Kelp is no different than other liquid kelps on the market in regards to shelf life.

Earth Tonic is a colloidal product and stable on the shelf. Nothing biological can grow in a supersaturated salt brine, so it is indefinitely stable.


Q: Where do your inputs come from?

We source our inputs from reliable sources. All of our products are 100% from the Earth. Many of them are handmade. We can guarantee that there is no other product line on the market that receives the love and intention given our offerings.

Please ask us for more information.


Q: How do I brew compost tea?

A: Many of us may recall our grandparents soaking compost in a sock in a barrel for days before using on the fields. Some maybe stirring it back and forth and singing a tune. These grandparents were wiser than their years.
More on that later.

This was the origin of the modern concept of compost tea. There’s an acronym AACT that means Actively Aerated Compost Tea.

This form of actively aerating the brew is used to distinguish between the passive practice of steeping, or creating an anaerobic, or without air, compost and other materials to create tea.

Think of brewing compost tea as keeping an aquarium. One aerates the water for the fish, same for the microbes. One feeds the fish, so it is with the microbes. In a saltwater tank the coral need minerals to grow, which is why we encourage the use of our mineral catalyst Earth Tonic .

The Vortex Brewer® takes AACT into the cosmos by connecting universal rhythms with the living systems we are creating, nurturing, growing, and consuming.

To put it mildly, it’s beyond words.


Q: How long is compost tea good for after it is brewed?

A: IIt is ideal to use the compost tea the same day as distributed from the Vortex Brewer® . If this is not possible, use it as soon as possible within 3 days.


Q: What if it is not used within 3 days?

A: Use it on your lawn or landscape. We have experienced customers using the tea weeks later with no negative results, but some people may be turned off by this recommendation, having read about anaerobic conditions.

The super-saturation, or beyond the capacity of stagnant water, of air into the Vortex Brewer®prevents anaerobic conditions. Think of it like a swirling river. When water moves it prevents the foothold of pathogen and disease.

Never waste compost tea. I’m sure there are some desperate and neglected bushes in your landscape that would love a shot of life. Use the old compost tea on one and not the other, then watch what happens.


Q: Is there a way to make tea that will have a longer shelf life?

A: Nope. That would defeat the purpose of the true nature of living compost tea. The only way to provide complete benefits of brewed compost tea is to use within the first 3 days after it is brewed, but ideally the day it is brewed.

Perpetual brewing is possible if using large amounts or distributing through a retail store or garden center. By adding inputs daily, and making sure there is adequate turnover of solution in the brewer, you can have access to compost tea perpetually.

We do not recommend perpetual brewing in any other compost tea units other than the Vortex Brewer® . Ask us for more information.

If brewing for long periods of time without adding inputs, some organisms are able to survive without food longer than others, so over time the living solution becomes imbalanced. For example, protozoa can stay alive as long as the lower organisms are there to eat, but bacteria start dying as soon as the food source is exhausted.

If you have completed a brewing cycle, generally the food source has been consumed, meaning they will start dying as soon as they are removed from the aeration of the brewer. It takes them longer to begin dying in the aeration of the brewer, even without the addition of more food sources, say 5-8 days. This is why we encourage the addition of inoculants and food sources over time for perpetual brewing.

It is possible to use a biological product created by aeration a month later than it is brewed, but it will not be alive. Microbes make plant food, so it would still be beneficial, but, again, not alive and able to reproduce in the root zone.


Q: Do environmental conditions affect my brew?

A:Temperature, humidity, and evaporation all can affect the brewing of compost tea. If water is too cold, biological reproduction slows; if it is too warm, microorganisms may be inhibited by depleted oxygen or excessive evaporation may occur.

The higher the temperature, the less oxygen can be dissolved in water. In extremely low temperatures, it is prudent and cost effective to use a heating element. It is much more expensive to use a chiller on water and hard to change the ambient weather, but temperatures between 60-80F are ideal.

Using the lid of the Vortex Brewer® in hot weather will help control evaporation, but be sure not to tighten down the lid and pressurize the tank. This can cause unnecessary leaking through the cracks in the lid.


Q: Can I customize my brew?

A: Absolutely. We recommend using Earth Compound and Earth Tonic , but the Vortex Brewer®can be used with any biological inoculant or compost tea regimen on the market. Be sure to test our offerings with what you are used to using. Our stuff works!

Compost Tea in a Box and Compost Tea in a Bucket provide convenient ways to get started if you are a newcomer to compost tea. Find more information on our website.


Q: Can I add more or less input than is recommended?

A: In concept, yes. There is no “correct” way to brew compost tea. The recipes that we recommend as a starting point and are based on years of research and are designed to keep the concentration below a range that could negatively affect your garden.

In other words, our recipe allows you to use the brew concentrated straight out of the brewer with no possibility of harming your garden. It is MUCH harder to burn a plant with compost tea than it is with artificial fertilizers, but too much of any input can burn a plant if you’re not careful.

We recommend you start off with our system until you become comfortable with the process and get feedback from your plants and garden.

If you are using a Vortex Brewer® in a personal garden, feel free to make the inputs more concentrated, so that you can dilute it according to your needs.

We would recommend increasing Earth Compound and Earth Tonic in a similar ratio to the food source, and beware of foaming when using higher amounts of inputs, especially when using molasses and bat guano. There are many ways to use a Vortex Brewer® .


Q: Can I encourage different organisms in my brew?

A: Yes. Sugar sources such as Earth Syrup encourage bacterial dominant tea. Earth Kelp encourages more fungal dominance. Short cycle/vegetative/annual plants desire more bacterial dominance. Hard woods/perennials desire more fungal dominance.

It is a good idea to use both categories of food sources in every brew, simply use more of the food source that will encourage the types of organisms you want to grow.

To be clear, sugar sources like Earth Syrupdo not discourage fungal growth. Vice versa for Earth Kelp. We are conducting research to determine how to grow specific trophic levels of microbes for specific applications and stages of growth.

For instance, we know that Equisetum (horsetail) encourages beneficial nematodes and feed hay encourages protozoa growth.

The future of compost tea is connecting the type of organism you want to encourage with the food source and the length of time the solution is brewed. As we continue to discover new applications for microbes and hone our investigational acumen towards these potentials it will be interesting to see where we end up.


Q: Why should I use compost tea?

A: A compost pile is concentrating a natural process for human benefit. People didn’t invent composting, it happens naturally on the forest floor or even in the back yard. All we do is bring the players together to one place and create ideal conditions to enhance the natural process.

Compost tea is simply taking this process to another level. By growing microbes, the organisms responsible for creating soil and making plant food, we create an extremely concentrated form of Nature, of life force.

The beneficial microbes being grown in compost tea are responsible for making plant food, helping plants eat it, protecting them from pests and disease and all sorts of other functions we haven’t, and may never, discover.


Q: How do I use compost tea?

A: This question is normally asked under the impression that it can be used incorrectly. Most people only have experience using artificial fertilizers that, if used in too high a concentration, create burn by reversing the osmotic gradient in the root zone. Too high of a concentration sucks the water out of a plant, i.e. “burning”.

Compost tea is a “fertilizer”, but it is relatively low (and available to plants) concentration compared with artificial fertilizers. In many cases, the more concentrated and more often it is used, the better the results.

Find complete information for using compost tea in all growing applications on our website.


Q: How often should I use compost tea?

A: Compost tea can be used every day on every watering if wanted. If using our system it cannot be overused unless you are overwatering your plant.

Generally, compost tea can be used weekly for optimal results. In hydroponic systems, recommend that they re-inoculate on every water change, or at least bi-weekly.


Q: How is compost tea a fertilizer?

A: Our compost tea contains ALL microbes and ALL elements. Everything that Nature has to offer. It is both a fertilizer (food sources and catalysts = Earth Tonic , Earth Syrup, Earth Kelp) and a living solution (reproductive microbes from biological inoculant = Earth Compound ).

When the compost tea is diluted it is less of a fertilizer, but when diluted the microbes are still alive and become active and replicate when used in gardening situations.


Q: Can I mix my growing nutrients with it?

A: Absolutely. Compost tea will increase the absorption of your current organic or hydroponic nutrient solutions. In fact, you may even be able to reduce the amount of primary fertilizer upon implementation of compost tea to your garden. There are no compatibility issues with compost tea in any application…period.

You can even use artificial base hydroponic nutrients to complete your nutrient program for a complete system. Either add it to the Vortex Brewer® towards the end of brewing, or add the finished brew to your reservoir.


Q: Do artificial fertilizers kill microbes?

A: There is never a situation where compost tea is not beneficial.

The idea of artificial fertilizers killing microbes stems from using artificial lawn fertilizers where salts can build up to extremely high concentrations. This is why thatch and compaction predominate in artificially treated yards. The soil is dead.

In hydroponic systems, generally, the salt concentration does not get high enough to kill off microbes. Normally, if you see it affecting your plants, you can assume its harming the microbes.

There are actually many biological leaching solutions on the market designed to mitigate the salt toxicity, both in farming and indoor gardening.

In other words, the beneficial microbes that are being brewed with the Vortex Brewer® system are the antidote to salt toxicity.

Again, there is never a situation where compost tea will not benefit your garden.


Q: Is compost tea a “complete nutrient” for hydroponics?

A: Normally what is meant by “complete nutrient” in regards to hydroponics is, does it have everything in it to support plant growth in water. Based on our base recipe, the short answer to this is no.

The majority of hydroponic fertilizers are synthetic, or man-made. They provide high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N-P-K) in order to force feed plants in a way that natural and “organic” fertilizers do not.

Our recipe contains ALL elements, but it lacks the amount of macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, or NPK) needed to drive production in water only. This chart for Earth Tonicprovides some insight into the details of this.

Note below the NPK on the chart that Earth Tonic contains relatively the same amounts of the other macro- and micronutrients:



Q: Can I use compost tea in hydroponics?

A: Yes, absolutely. In fact, it can be argued that in some cases hydroponic systems get a greater benefit from compost tea than biological soil gardens. This is due to the fact that conventional hydroponic solutions do not contain any beneficial microbes to begin with.

This creates an arena where bad microbes can come out and express themselves (pythium, fusarium, etc) and do damage to a crop. Using compost tea will prevent the biological imbalance, as well as create greater nutrient absorption and yields in your garden.


Q: What are the PPM (parts per million) readings of your compost tea recipe?

Depending on your water source, our recipe will end up between 400-700ppm on the PPM700 scale. This is from around 0.6 – 1 EC (electrical conductivity).

The PPM is measure of the amount of ions (fertilizer) to water, or parts of ions per million of water. Natural and “organic” fertilizers (like our compost tea) do not have the same potential for “burning” plants. This is when the concentration of fertilizer gets too high around the roots and it sucks water out of them by osmosis.

Natural and “organic” nutrients are more balanced and can be used by plants more effectively, and are more effective at lower concentrations.


Q: Do I need to adjust the pH of the solution?

A: No, the pH of compost tea does not need to be adjusted. Hydroponic growers are familiar with correcting the pH balance of the nutrient solution to around 6.5 for optimal results. This is only needed with artificial fertilizers.

Natural solutions are available at a wide range of pH values. It would not be a bad idea to monitor the pH over time as you brew and apply your solutions, but there is no need to use pH buffers to control it.

If you are using compost tea in hydroponics, continue to adjust your pH after you have added compost tea to your system as usual.


Q: I read in an article on compost tea that I should replace molasses with humic acids in my brew, is this correct?

A: They are apples and oranges. Molasses is an unrefined food source for microbes, primarily bacteria, they can “eat” it and replicate doing it. Compare it to raw sugar. It is refined and would not be a good food source for biological reproduction.

Humic acid is a catalyst (like Earth Tonic ), it has already been refined by Mother Nature and does not represent something a microbe can eat, only something it can use to eat. Humic acids in high amounts can actually suffocate microbes used at too high a concentration in compost tea.

Earth Syrup contains humates in a concentration that benefits microbes. If you want to use more than what is contained in Earth Syrup, we recommend adding humics after the brew for distribution.


Q: Can I use compost tea in my lawn?

A: Absolutely. The majority of lawns have been influenced by development, meaning, they have either been planted on a clear-cut forest, or razed by implementing or removing cheap fill to level the land.

You can be assured the contractor was not concerned with health of the soil in your landscape. Microbes move micrometers in their lifetimes, they don’t jump over the fence to populate your soil!

Unless you consciously inoculate your soil with beneficial microbes they simply are not there. This is the root of most landscape issues – thatch, compaction, fleas, grubs, moles, diseases, dead spot, the list goes on.

We operate an entire lawn service called A Natural Approach around this concept and can set your lawn care company to be a certified applicator using the Vortex Brewer® system and 100% natural, organic, and BioEnergetic techniques. Inquire with us for more information.


Q: Are there any situations where I would not want to use compost tea?

We thought long and hard on this one, but the answer is no.

We have been using Vortex Brewer® in retail environments for over six years and have handed compost tea out to every type of grower you could ever imagine and have never once gotten negative feedback. Not once.

Compost tea is a concentrated form of Nature. A true living solution. Unless you are overwatering your plants, it can only help your garden of compost pile.


Q: Is there anything I should NOT add to the Vortex Brewer®?

A: We do not recommend using artificial inputs in the Vortex Brewer® when brewing compost tea, however, it can be done. It’s akin to using an chemical artificial nutrients in a good organic potting soil. It works, but it doesn’t make much sense.

Artificial materials do not encourage microbial growth. They are not food for microbes. Microbes do not understand them because they are man-made.

When working with natural systems we want to feed microbes, not the plant directly.

Some people use the Vortex Brewer® for purposes other than creating compost tea, such as mixing their nutrient solutions or creating living water for delivery to their garden. For these purposes we recommend highly to stir your nutrient solutions.

This process results in using less nutrient solution and allowing your garden a source of living water. Some even use it to condition their water alone. Even for drinking water!

Water is much more than wet. Keep this in mind and be creative. In the end, there is no growing situation that does not benefit from compost tea.


Q: What makes the Vortex Brewer® Compost Tea System so different from other compost tea brewers?

A: The Vortex Brewer® system is the premier compost tea brewing system on the planet. We don’t say that lightly. We’ve spent years refining this system to be the best. And we will not stop making it better.

Most compost tea units perform a single function. They’re inflexible. Either they are for brewing tea in a bucket, or they are designed to make extractions. But not both. The Vortex Brewer® does both, and more. It can be used as a compost tea brewer, a batch extractor, mixing machine for fertilizer solutions or stirring the BioDynamic preps.

The Vortex Brewer® also creates living water. Water moves in the form of the vortex. The vortex makes water happy.

When allowed the implosive circulation encouraged by the Vortex Brewer® , water can move freely and express itself completely. It generates and retains subtle energies as it moves around over itself and is able to infuse more air and dissolved oxygen than passive stagnant solutions.

Water is much more than wet. We tend to think very simply about water, but it is a profound substance. One that is so common and innate to who and what we are that we take it for granted, but it defines life. And we know very little about it.

New research points to over 80 different properties of water, some suggesting that water operates in a different way under extreme conditions, such as in its interactions with proteins. The type and molecular structure of water is being shown to affect how proteins folds into formation. Long story short, if you haven’t been considering your water in the garden, you’ve been missing out!

But we go one step further. We incorporate special proprietary energetic material into the construction of the unit. This material positively influences water and coupled with the power of the vortex act to supercharge your brewing solutions and allow you to take your garden to the next level.

And we haven’t even mentioned our BioEnergetic input products – Earth Compound , Earth Tonic ,Earth Syrup and Earth Kelp. The Vortex Brewer® is a complete turnkey system. Every unit comes with enough of these products (and Storch Oil!) to run two complete brews with our recipe, which contains the maximum of biological and mineral diversity.

Earth Compound is genuine BioDynamic barrel compost born on a certified organic BioDynamic farm that has been farmed by the same family for over 350 years.

Earth Tonic contains two forms of living salt and alone contains over 90 unique elements.

Earth Syrup contains more than 10 organic micronized ingredients as food for hungry microbes.

And Earth Kelp contains, not one, but TWO forms of premium liquid kelp.

All of these products are amazing on their own, but when you bring them together with the power and energy of the vortex…hold on tight!

Your garden has never seen anything like it. The Vortex Brewer® can help you grow the greatest garden, crops, plants, flowers, trees or turf of your life!

Finally, it’s not our style to bash other compost tea brewers. In fact, all compost tea brewers have a benefit on some level. But what makes the Vortex Brewer® different is the fact that it is different. It’s not just a glorified bucket with an air stone. It has a purpose.

The Vortex Brewer® brings focus, flexibility, diversity, subtle energy, creativity and performance together into a living system like no other. Quite simply, the Vortex Brewer® system blows the competition away.

It is a complete system. We don’t leave you asking questions. Everything you need to grow the best garden, crops, plants, trees or turf of your life of your life is in the system.

And our system is proven. Just look at our testimonials and side-by-sides. When you use our system you use something fundamentally unique and alive, that cannot be purchased form a shelf.

And with perpetual brewing, retail stores can have the convenience of not having to clean the unit or store compost tea for their customers. They can have living compost tea available for their customers 24/7. Serious growers can always have compost tea around to feed the garden.

We would be remiss not to mention our 60-day Money Back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience and results with the Vortex Brewer® , simply send it back to us.

So what have you got to lose? Nothing, and a whole new revolutionary growing system to gain.


Q: What is perpetual brewing?

A: Perpetual brewing is unique to the Vortex Brewer® . It is the act of running a compost tea brew for long periods of time by adding a specific recipe daily based on the amount of solution distributed.

It is against the rule of thumb for compost tea that says to brew for 12-24 hours and then distribute, but there is no evidence that this method is superior, simply that it allows enough time for the microbes to become active and reproductive.

The Vortex Brewer® accomplishes higher dissolved oxygen and air saturation relative to systems that use air diffusion as the basis of aeration. The circulation in the Vortex Brewer® supersaturates the solution with air. There are no air pumps in Nature.

This eliminates issues of anaerobic (pathogenic) organisms. We have witnesses Vortex Brewers®run for up to six months in a row that was still gaining stellar results when it was cleaned. The only reason it needed to be cleaned was to remove some of the buildup that occurs over time to allow the circulation to be maximized.

If you are not going through large amounts of brewed solution then batch brewing may be preferred to perpetual brewing. Retail stores and professional growers will find it a revolution. Not only is perpetual brewing convenient to a retail store, but it opens up an entirely new avenue for compost tea brewers.

It is possible to encourage the type of organism that grows in a compost tea brew by brewing it for different lengths of time. Couple this with the variability created by using specific food sources, and herein is the future of compost tea.


Q: Can I brew perpetually in a bucket with an airstone?

A: We don’t recommend it. It is not possible to attain dissolved oxygen levels high enough without circulation in passive brewers to guarantee healthy conditions.


Q: How does the Vortex Brewer® work if there are no water pumps?


A:There are no water pumps used to make the water move in the Vortex Brewer® . This is important to not disrupt the integrity of the water and/or microbes when brewing compost tea.

Water seeks its own level. When the unit is filled, water is at the same height in the uptubes as it is in the vortex chamber.

Imagine blowing bubbles in a full glass of water, it overflows the edges, right?

The Vortex Brewer® works via displacement and the perpetuity of the suction of the vortex allowed by water moving as it wants too.

We don’t make a vortex, we allow it. The Vortex Brewer®allows completely unimpeded circulation so as not to disrespect the integrity of the water or the microbes. Think of it like a natural flowform, like a river. The Vortex Brewer® creates living water.


Q: Why do we NOT recommend air stones?

A: Air stones, or diffusers, simply break up air bubbles pushed into compost tea solutions, but they are not necessary in the Vortex Brewer® . A river doesn’t need aerating does it?

The vortex sucks air in. Once the circulation is started in theVortex Brewer® the suction of the vortex alone is enough to aerate the solution. In fact, this results in super-saturation of air in solution and up to 1ppm higher dissolved oxygen (DO) than other brewers.

While DO is important when creating compost tea, the process of enlivening microbes (or breathing) is more dynamic than we tell ourselves.

Air is comprised of only around 21% oxygen (O). In fact, the air is a little over 78% nitrogen (N). Nitrogen is the element that manifests as activity in living forms.

Consider that they define amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, or the molecules charged with carrying out metabolic activity and building living life. Read the book The Nature of Substance, by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka for more info.


Q: Should the vortex be swirling in a specific direction — like how toilets swirl differently on either side of the equator — to match the vortices nature produces?

A: The idea that water flows in a certain direction in respective hemispheres is actually a myth based on the Coriolis Effect. The Coriolis Effect does have an influence on large air masses, but not on water flow down a drain. This is taught as truth in some college level textbooks. Yet another example of how we don’t learn what we need to in school.

Water seeks its own level and takes the path of least resistance, then maintains that flow until prompted otherwise. Water wants to flow in a spiral vortex – which is why a river meanders or a wave curls – so it will do so until physical structure tells it otherwise.

Try reversing the directions on the Vortex Brewer® . It will organize in the other direction after a minute or so.


Q: Does the direction of the vortex matter?

A: We are often asked which direction is most beneficial when working with the Vortex Brewer®. There is no definitive answer, but here are some considerations:

· Generally, counterclockwise circulation will reinforce root/earth forces. Use this direction when working with transplants, seeding, or working with preparing the soil.

· Counterclockwise = rooting / soil

· Generally, clockwise circulation will reinforce leaf/stem/flower/seed/fruit. Use this direction when intending to encourage flowering and fruit maturation.

· Clockwise = flower / fruit

In NO WAY can you use the direction incorrectly. Counterclockwise circulation does not inhibit flowering, and vice versa. This is strictly a “better/best” analysis.


Q: Is there a point where the teas will not be able to circulate if it gets too low in the brewer?

A: Yes. This lower limit varies for every brewer, but every unit will operate at 75% capacity. The VB15 will operate with 5 gallons in it. The best vortex will occur when the unit is 100% full up to the bottom of the bulkhead return fittings coming through the side of the unit. However, this is mostly for aesthetics. As long as the solution is spinning and circulating the magic of the vortex is occurring.


Q: What’s so important about a vortex?

A: The vortex is how Nature communicates with herself. From the tiniest structures – DNA – to the most expansive ideas – Galaxy – the universe operates by way of the spiral vortex.

We see it in animal horns, in snail shells, the tendrils of growing plants, the form of flowers, or the spinning of an atom, the movement of light in 3-D, and especially in the movement of water, in a stream, a wave, the spiral of a raindrop, or flowing down a drain.

Mother Nature doesn’t work in straight lines and data points, only chaos and spirals. This is the impulse of the Vortex Brewer® .


Q: How is a “compost tea brewer” different from a “compost extractor”?

A: Many commercial “extractors” are purchased on their ability to create large amounts of compost solution in a short amount of time. In other words, there’s no brewing. One simply runs water, normally under high pressure, through compost material in an attempt to extract the microbes from the organic matter.

There is no doubt that an extraction results in the release of microbes from compost, but consider this. When we brush our teeth, we are brushing microbes off, and we don’t get all of them.

What’s to say that some microbes can’t hang on better than others? Besides, at some point the extraction becomes diluted once the compost has been exhausted, and it is not clear how this point is determined on a routine basis.

The Vortex Brewer® can be used beneficially as an extractor because it is contained. Due to the circulation ability of the Vortex Brewer® and its ability to carry solids, you can use our biological inoculant Earth Compound directly in the unit. Stir it up with Earth Tonic and create a field spray in an hour.

If you need to filter it for sprayers do so AFTER the extraction so as not to disturb the microbes. Look into using Earth Recharge as an instant compost tea.


Q: How can the Vortex Brewer® be used as a mixer and a stirrer?

A: Allowing water to take a vortexial flow through a drain creates a moment of implosion in water. It is implosive energy that allows Mother Nature to regenerate herself.

Viktor Schauberger was a pioneer of this phenomenon.

Schauberger created many implosion machines for everything from moving logs out of the woods in flumes that followed the natural lay of the land to drinking water machines. He developed a direct relationship with water in its natural state and understood waters value.

He once predicted that water would cost more per gallon than gas. He would be disappointed to have been proven right. Consider that in modern society we use nothing but explosive energy for electricity and locomotion – internal combustion engines, nuclear energy. This is a very destructive form of energy.

Explosive energies break things down. Implosive energies build things up. Nature is a dance between the two. Steiner instructed to stir a solution back and forth when potentizing, or bringing higher order, to the BioDynamic solutions. He recognized the power of implosion.

In a bucket with no drain it is only when the direction is reversed that the moment of implosion occurs. Due to its drain, the Vortex Brewer® provides a perpetual implosive moment.

Allowing your garden access to living water results in using less nutrient solution due to the greater absorption of water into the living tissues. Plants don’t drink water, cells do. Unless water is in a form that can penetrate the cell walls, water cannot do its job.

Water should be treated as a primary nutrient…because it is.


Q: What is living water?

A: Living water is the result of Nature at work. It can be achieved with conscious effort through various means, but allowing the form of the vortex is the simplest way.

Water should be treated as a primary nutrient, as it performs primary roles in natural systems. Water can pick up and dissolve anything. In a manner of speaking, it wants things, which is why it is called the “universal solvent”.

Again, we don’t make a vortex in the Vortex Brewer® , we allow it. Water naturally flows in a vortex, such as when a river meanders through the countryside, or a wave rolls onto the beach, or a spring spirals up from an underground aquifer, or a raindrop spins as it falls to the Earth.

A whirlpool would be the most dramatic, visual example. All those natural processes create what is called “living water”. Water becomes alive when the vortex pulls into it the Earth’s subtle and powerful life energy forces.

Living water changes the dynamic of any garden.

Of course, one can grow plants without living water, just like we can live by eating fast food. But, that doesn’t make it good for us.

Respecting water and allowing it an implosive moment in the Vortex Brewer® opens up potential that was not even on the radar beforehand. Use it as a mixing machine, for compost tea, as a batch extractor, or for creating living water to feed the garden.

Water defines life. You’d think as important as it is that we would have institutes studying it, but there are none. Instead we have one word for its limitless forms. Living water is for lack of a better word. But it works. Water is much more than wet!


Q: What considerations need to be addressed in terms of the water used to brew compost teas in the Vortex Brewer™?

Clean water is essential for quality compost tea. The Vortex Brewer® will help to mature the molecular structure of the water in the unit, but it is not a filter. We highly recommend using filtered water, or ideally rain water for your compost tea brews.

You can catch over 600 gallons of water in an inch of rain on a 1000′ roof. It’s free, it’s clean and it’s alive.

If you are not able to collect rain water or filter your brew water, at least, run the unit for an hour before brewing to ensure any chlorine has dissipated out of the system. Not only will it remove the chlorine quicker, but it will create living water.

It is possible to use water only and get a growth benefit from your plants. Try it versus water not spun in the Vortex Brewer® and see for yourself. Water is a primary nutrient!


Q: Why do other companies say to use so much compost when brewing?

A: Other than using good compost, mineral catalysts and food sources in the presence of aeration, there isn’t a “correct” way to brew compost tea.

We don’t like to knock our competitors, all compost tea is good on some level, but the reason our system is so cost effective, and so little input needs to be used to get the desired results, is because of the quality of the inputs and the potentization accomplished by the Vortex Brewer® .

The quality of our inputs is second to none. We use genuine BioDynamic products that provide the strongest and most diverse microbes and minerals your garden has ever seen.

Potentization is the act of bringing higher order, or synergy, amongst the ingredients. Nature works harmoniously to build up living systems through implosion and resonance.

Humans use explosive techniques that bring destruction and disharmony. The Vortex Brewer®helps account for that by utilizing positive energies to get more out of your gardening products, and, in turn, more out of your garden.


Q: Your brewer is really nice, but I think I can build one cheaper. Do you sell the parts?

A: We don’t sell parts. For the simple reason that we want to ensure the craftsmanship of every unit that bears our name. Apple doesn’t sell the parts to their IPhone. They won’t even let you see inside it!

We have heard many times that the Vortex Brewer® is easy to build, but it’s harder than it looks. There are years of trial and error, mistakes and learning experiences in every unit.

When you invest in a Vortex Brewer® you’re getting more than a great product, you’re getting the support and experience of our entire team of growing experts. Plus, we use special proprietary energetic influences in the construction of the unit that ensures the unit is delivering as many layers of benefit to your garden as possible.


Q: Why are Vortex Brewers® so expensive?

A: This is a fair question. The Vortex Brewer® is like a healthy diet relative to your medical bills. You can eat great food and never realize how much money you’re saving. In other words, you can pay for it up front. Or you can pay for it in the long run. The Vortex Brewer® is a tremendous value.

For a garden center business the Vortex Brewer® is the best investment you will ever make. We provide deeper discounts for volume purchases, but the Vortex Brewer® is not like a normal product you buy and re-sell.

Think of it as a business within your business. A gallon of compost tea at Dealer cost using our system costs .55¢. We have many dealers that routinely sell gallons for $20. Do the math.

It is not a matter of if the Vortex Brewer® pays for itself, but how fast.

In addition, there is a lot more that goes into a Vortex Brewer® than meets the eye. Innovative design, high quality construction and materials, low-cost organic inputs, great results, research & development, training, support and more are just a few. It is a COMPLETE system.

As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” We deliver the best.


Q: We have a lot of this kind of stuff around here. Why should I carry your products when we already buy from traditional distributors?

A: There is nothing like the Vortex Brewer® system. It is completely unique.

However, we understand company loyalty and tradition. But the dynamics of the gardening industry have changed drastically in recent years. The pie is bigger, but at the same time more competitive.

There is not as much separation in markets as there used to be.

Progress Earth is a different kind of distributor. We strive to build relationships with our Dealers and offer cutting edge educational tools in order to grow your business and train your staff on our products.

What we are offering is not the mainstream…but it will be.


Q: We already brew compost tea and have a brewer so why should we buy your products?

A: We recognize that there are other compost tea units on the market. But we challenge you to put our system and inputs to the test.

Maybe try a Vortex Brewer® Junior to start off and test it side-by-side with your current unit in the store, or by handing it out to some of your good customers for comparison.

Or, use our inputs in your current unit to compare with prior results. It doesn’t take long to get the positive feedback. Some growers report results on the same day!

In the end, we want to work with everybody.

Most compost tea regimens do not have the elemental diversity ofEarth Tonic , so consider using it in your recipe.

Same goes for Earth Compound , it is one of the most biologically diverse and capable composts on the planet, and one cannot have too much biological diversity.

Contact us for more ideas.


Q: We are a hydroponics store, why would we want to have a compost tea brewer?

A: Compost tea makes sense in all gardens. Arguably, hydroponics is the most effective place to use compost tea. Think about it, a hydroponics system is biologically inert, meaning, it doesn’t contain any beneficial microbes.

This is actually a perfect environment for harmful microbes to grow. This manifests as root disease, familiar to many hydroponic growers.

Compost tea from the Vortex Brewer® is bringing in the reinforcements. They are the good guys, and they will protect your plants from the bad guys. Not to mention, microbes make plant food.

Our input system provides a diversity of food sources for the microbes to process into plant food for your garden. And you don’t get this kind of plant food from hydroponic nutrients.

You also don’t get this kind of plant food from organic gardens. Most organic products are only slightly soluble, they need microbes to digest them in order to make them available to growing plants.

This means that most organic products are wasted without the use of living microbes. Remember the analogy – in the forest, trees don’t eat the leaves, they eat what the microbes make of them. Say this to your customers and they’ll get it every time.

Compost tea doesn’t gunk up a hydroponic system. Simply use a pump bag, or filter the brew after it is finished and you and your customers will not have any issues.

Besides, if you call yourself a hydroponics store, you’re only going to sell to hydroponics customers. Consider diversifying your business and getting a leg up on the competition.


Q: I’m concerned about using it in my retail store, does compost tea smell bad?

A: Compost tea brewed properly does not have a foul odor; it smells fresh, like good soil. Feel free to make the Vortex Brewer® a primary display in your store, it will suck people in!


Q: Can you explain your Pricing Structure for the Vortex Brewer®?

A: Our pricing structure is designed to cater to different types of businesses. We work with retail stores, E-Commerce stores, farmers, professional growers and just about every other
sector of agriculture. We offer two different programs, the Vortex Brewers®, and everything else.

Some stores choose to invest in the Vortex Brewer® as a way of generating huge profits off of our compost tea system and upsell program. Others choose to also sell the Vortex Brewer® units themselves.

For businesses interested in buying multiple units to sell in their businesses™ we offer discounts on buying multiple units. Ask us for more information.

We offer fair and competitive pricing on our packaged gardening products. Some Dealers only choose to buy these from us and sell them as standalone products. We can drop ship and encourage Dealers to buy in case lots for greater discounts.


Q: Do you offer exclusive territories?

A: We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit should not be restricted for those that want to put energy into selling our products, so do not offer exclusivity for territories.


Q: What is MAP pricing, and why do you enforce it?

A: Our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is our Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). We do not allow our products to be advertised for less than our MSRP. This maintains the integrity of our dealer sales network and does not allow any one company to take advantage of others efforts by undercutting prices.

Any dealer advertising less than our MSRP will be immediately terminated. We have no exceptions to this policy. If this is unacceptable to you then we are simply not the right company for you. We feel our pricing policy is the best way to support our valued dealer network.

And so with that in mind, if you believe like we do that you deserve to make a fair profit in your business and not have other dealers undercutting your prices and hard work we would love to have you as part of our dealer network.

We believe the social thinker John Ruskin (1819 – 1900)
said it best…

“There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin


Q: I like the Vortex Brewer®, but I can’t afford buying one right now. Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes. We offer all ouur dealers several purchase options and a money back guarantee. Ask us for the details. Even if you purchase outright, we offer an unprecedented 60 day money back guarantee. What have you got to lose?


Q: We usually buy from traditional distributors because they give us shipping deals. How much is shipping?

A: The reality is that traditional distributors make huge margins from manufacturers in order to offer you FREE shipping. In other words, their prices are higher so you can feel like you’re paying less. Because Progress Earth handles the development of our product line internally, our prices are more competitive AND we can offer shipping incentives. We have FREE shipping options for hitting set dollar amounts. Ask us for more details.


Q: Are you running advertisements in gardening magazines?

A: We run advertisements in many gardening magazines, including but not limited to Organic Gardening Magazine, Maximum Yield, Today’s Garden Center, Garden Center Magazine, Urban Farm, Mother Earth News and more.


Q: Are you all going to be at any tradeshows this year?

A: Progress Earth will attend a host of trade shows in 2012, including all four Maximum Yield events. Contact us for a complete list.


Q: What size unit should I buy for my store?

A: The answer to this depends on what kind of market you sell to and who are your primary customers. If you have many “organic” growers, the Vortex Brewer® will immediately resonate with them, so you may want to start with a VB60 or VB85.

If your market is more hydroponic, you may want to start with a VB15 or VB30 and establish a base of customers first. Most of the stores that start out with a VB15 will upgrade shortly after to a larger unit so they do not need to fill it up all day.

You can always sell your original unit to a customer in order to upgrade, but we can help you through the decision making process every step of the way. See size options at the end of this document.


Q: How soon could I be distributing tea from the time I receive my Vortex Brewer®?

A: 12 hours. The unit will arrive plug and play. All you do is fill the unit up, plug in the air pump and add your ingredients and you’re off!

Wait 12 hours on the initial brew, then if you are perpetually brewing you will have living compost tea available to your customers 24/7 until you decide to clean the unit.

We recommend cleaning the unit once a month, but many Dealers go longer periods of time and maintain stellar results.


Q: What is the best way to build interest in compost tea from existing customers? How about new customers?

A: The short answer is, provide FREE compost tea. I know it sounds crazy, but it only costs you .55¢ a gallon and all you need to say to grow your clients base is “The only thing we charge is tell your friends!” And they will, every time.

We even have cards we can customize for you that act like a Subway card for your business. The first (10) gallons are FREE on their punch card, then they are asked to buy a new card for your stated amount once they run through it. It works. Ask us how.


Q: How will the Vortex Brewer® System transform the Garden?

A: Water is much more than a liquid. It can actually be a primary nutrient for gardening and farming. This can only occur with living water, or water that has a life force to it.

In Nature, living water is created through vortex motion. A tumbling raindrop, a crashing wave, a rolling river are all examples of Nature’s way of creating living water through a vortex.

Through this vortex motion, the Vortex Brewer® enlivens water. This living water alone actually provides significant growth benefits to your plants and crops.

Compare watering your plants with ordinary tap water versus a fresh spring rain. Plants respond much more positively to the rain. So it is with the Vortex Brewer® .

In addition, the homeopathic aspect of imprinting the frequencies of our highly concentrated, proprietary organic, BioEnergetic compost tea formula inputs into the water through the implosion of the vortex, allows you to get much greater growing results with a significantly lower cost of inputs.

Bottom line, by using a Vortex Brewer® system in your garden or farm, your fertilizer costs are much lower, and your results are much higher. All while being a good steward of our Earth at the same time. Hard to believe?

Prove it to yourself. We unconditionally guarantee you will be completely satisfied. Try the Vortex Brewer® System risk free and let the power of the vortex speak for itself.


Q: I want to buy a Vortex Brewer®, why should I?

A: Compost tea is the hottest product in the gardening world and the Vortex Brewer® is the best compost tea brewer available. Compost tea is a product that can be sold to every gardener, and theVortex Brewer® compost tea keeps your customers coming back again and again, even recommending their friends.

Brewing compost tea in our system costs very little. Our marketing system will help you generate an ongoing stream of new customers for as little as .55¢ apiece. The Vortex Brewer® compost tea system is turnkey and can be used as a mini-business within your business, generating extraordinary 1000% profits all day long on our unique BioEnergetic compost tea.

The Vortex Brewer Compost Tea System is absolutely the most cost effective and efficient way to diversify your business and grow customer base. And it generates extraordinary profits. If that’s not enough, here are some more:

  • A Complete Turnkey Compost Tea System
  • Based on BioEnergetic, BioDynamic, Homeopathic, & Subtle Energy Concepts
  • Create Compost Tea, Living Water and Potentized Fertilizers
  • Much Higher Air Infusion & Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Relative to Passive Brewers
  • The Vortex Brewer® Treats Water as a Primary Nutrient
  • Also Works as an Extractor, Nutrient Mixer, & BioEnergetic FlowForm
  • Creates Superior Compost Tea with Stronger & More Capable Microbes
  • More Convenient Than Other Units – Easier to Clean & Use, With Far Less Inputs
  • You Can Perpetually Brew So You ALWAYS Have Compost Tea on Demand
  • A Vortex is Primal and Beautiful to Look At
  • Life is Motion. Motion is Life. The Vortex Brewer® is Life in Motion.
  • Industry Leading 60 day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty

Q: What sizes do you offer?

A: We offer Vortex Brewers for home use starting at 10 gallons all the way up to custom built Vortex Brewers for large scale farming operations as big as 10,000 gallons. Hydroponic and gardening stores that are brewing compost tea for customers typically start out with the VB15, VB30 or the VB60.

The farm market typically prefers Vortex Brewers in the 85 gallon size or larger. Below you will find the specs on our most common sizes.

VB15 Vortex Brewer®

    • 15 gallon tank
    • Completely pre-plumbed and assembled
    • 100-watt air pump
    • 6′ premium applicator hose
    • Weight 70 lbs.
    • Dimensions: W: 26″ x L: 26″ x H: 43″


  • 8 oz. cup Earth Compound = microbeinoculant *
  • 8 oz. Earth Tonic = mineral catalyst *
  • 8 oz. Earth Kelp = microbe food *
  • 32 oz. Earth Syrup = microbe food *
  • 1 oz. Storch Oil = defoamer

* Enough for 4 brews NOTE: We do not recommend air diffusers.

VB30 Vortex Brewer®

    • 30 gallon tank
    • Completely pre-plumbed and assembled
    • 100-watt air pump
    • 6′ premium applicator hose
    • Weight 80 lbs.
    • Dimensions: W: 36″ x L: 36″ x H: 46″


    • 8 oz. cup Earth Compound = microbeinoculant *
    • 8 oz. Earth Tonic = mineral catalyst *
    • 8 oz. Earth Kelp = microbe food *
    • 32 oz. Earth Syrup = microbe food *
    • 1 oz. Storch Oil = defoamer

* Enough for 2 brews NOTE: We do not recommend air diffusers.

VB60 Vortex Brewer®

    • 60 gallon tank
    • Completely pre-plumbed and assembled
    • 100-watt air pump
    • 6′ premium applicator hose
    • Weight 90 lbs.
    • Dimensions: W: 36″ x L: 36″ x H: 62″


    • 24 oz. cup Earth Compound = microbeinoculant *
    • 32 oz. Earth Tonic = mineral catalyst *
    • 48 oz. Earth Kelp = microbe food *
    • 96 oz. Earth Syrup = microbe food *
    • 1 oz. Storch Oil = defoamer

* Enough for 3 brews NOTE: We do not recommend air diffusers.

VB85 Vortex Brewer®

    • 85 gallon tank
    • Completely pre-plumbed and assembled
    • 100-watt air pump
    • 6′ premium applicator hose
    • Weight 150 lbs.
    • Dimensions: W: 45″ x L: 45″ x H: 57″


    • 32 oz. cup Earth Compound = microbeinoculant *
    • 32 oz. Earth Tonic = mineral catalyst *
    • 64 oz. Earth Kelp = microbe food *
    • 96 oz. Earth Syrup = microbe food *
    • 1 oz. Storch Oil = defoamer

* Enough for 2 brews NOTE: We do not recommend air diffusers.

VB150 Vortex Brewer®

    • 150 gallon tank
    • Completely pre-plumbed and assembled
    • 100-watt air pump
    • 6′ premium applicator hose
    • Weight 200 lbs.
    • Dimensions: W: 45″ x L: 45″ x H: 67″


    • 32 oz. cup Earth Compound = microbeinoculant *
    • 40 oz. Earth Tonic = mineral catalyst *
    • 80 oz. Earth Kelp = microbe food *
    • 1 gal. Earth Syrup = microbe food *
    • 1 oz. Storch Oil = defoamer

* Enough for 2 brews NOTE: We do not recommend air diffusers.

VB250 Vortex Brewer®

    • 250 gallon tank
    • Completely pre-plumbed and assembled
    • 140-watt air pump
    • 6′ premium applicator hose
    • Weight 265 lbs.
    • Dimensions: W: 48″ x L: 48″ x H: 80″


    • 72 oz. cup Earth Compound = microbeinoculant *
    • 64 oz. Earth Tonic = mineral catalyst *
    • 1 gal. Earth Kelp = microbe food *
    • 1.5 gal. Earth Syrup = microbe food *
    • 1 oz. Storch Oil = defoamer

* Enough for 2 brews NOTE: We do not recommend air diffusers.

Introducing…The Circulation System Compost Tea Brewer! 

And now there’s a way to get the power of the vortex in a smaller package. Introducing theCirculation System! For years we have worked with farmers, landscapers, and intentioned gardeners with our Vortex Brewer® units, but have lacked a unit that was accessible to the backyard or hobby gardener. Not anymore.

At a significantly lower retail price point, the Circulation System provides EVERYONE access to the raw power of the vortex to create compost tea, use as an extractor, as a mixing machine to potentize nutrient solutions, as a BioDynamic stirring device, or for creating living water to feed to the garden.

With the Vortex Brewer® it is possible to perform perpetual brewing for ease of cleaning and convenience, but due to the smaller volume of the Circulation System it may be best to batch brew. It all depends on how much solution you use daily.

VB10 The Circulation System

    • 10 gallon tank
    • Completely pre-plumbed and assembled
    • 25-watt air pump
    • No applicator hose included
    • Weight 27 lbs.
    • Dimensions: W: 30″ x L: 30″ x H: 25″


    • 8 oz. cup Earth Compound = microbeinoculant *
    • 8 oz. Earth Tonic = mineral catalyst *
    • 8 oz. Earth Kelp = microbe food *
    • 32 oz. Earth Syrup = microbe food *
    • 1 oz. Storch Oil = defoamer

* Enough for 4 brews NOTE: We do not recommend air diffusers.

The Circulation System is NOT a commercial unit. We recommend the Vortex Brewer® for use in distribution of compost tea in retail stores and for larger volume.


LARGE Vortex Brewer®

On a 30 day lead time, Progress Earth can create:

  • VB500 – Tank Size: 500 gal. Weight: 400 lbs. Dimensions: W60″ x L60″ x H96″
  • VB800 – Tank Size: 800 gal.Weight: 650 lbs.Dimensions: W90″ x L90″ x H60″
  • VB1000 – Tank Size: 1000gal.Weight: 725 lbs. Dimensions: W70″ x L70″ x H115″


CUSTOM Vortex Brewer®

Progress Earth can also construct custom units up to 10,000 gallons.

“Grow the Best Garden, Crops, Plants, Trees or Turf of Your Life with
the Vortex Brewer® – A Revolution in Creating Living Compost Tea!”

For additional details on using or reselling Vortex Brewer®’s Nutrient-Rich, Organic & BioEnergetic fertilizers including the AMAZING Vortex Brewer® Compost Tea System call us or email us. Please let us know how we can be of service. We look forward to helping you achieve your greatest growing success ever.