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vb compound is formulated from cow manure dynamically blended with crushed sea shells, egg shells, basalt, clay, local seaweed, crushed biochar and crushed terracotta.  once the material is thoroughly dynamized it is placed in an in-ground fermentation pit and the biodynamic compost preparations are added.  a clay cap is placed over the top covering the material and here it sits until fermentation is complete.  in my recipe i also add the biodynamic preparation bd500 and bd 501 [horn manure and horn silica, respectively].  this gives the ability to use the preparation as a silica spray when potentized in the morning for application before noon where it will act in a way to promote flowering, fruit and seed production; or as manure spray if used in the afternoon to deepen and promote root growth.  balancing the roots with stem, leaf, flower and fruit [seed].

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