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Storch Oil is the result of adherence to the Viktor Schauberger maxim, “Comprehend and Copy  Nature”. Born of intuition and inspiration, Storch Oil is a blend of living minerals with Menhaden (fish), Neem, & Karanja oils. 

It can be used as a defoamer for brewing compost tea, as a leaf wash, or for pest control. 

When using Storch Oil to tame the foam in your Vortex Brewer®, notice that it takes only a few drops and a few seconds to affect the entire 10-20 gallons of solution. Many have been amazed…how can such a small amount have such a drastic effect on so much? 

Storch Oil can also be used as a dynamic pest control. Neem and Karanja Oils have been used for millennia to fight pests in the garden. Enjoy the power and the purity of the product


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This oil was originally formulated to address issues of foaming in the brewers.  As it turns out the combination of the fish oil, neem oil and karanja oil has a wonderful prophylactic, harmonizing effect on your plants and fields.  First an oil-ormus extract is made that takes four months to complete. The oils are then combined and potentized and mixed in the Schatz Inversion Mixer.  This process is run for several hours at a time through the period of new moon to full moon.  The truth is when your ‘compost tea’ is foaming it is a sign that microbial processes have peaked and it is time to apply it to your plants and fields.

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