Want The Best Compost Tea Results Ever?

Use Vortex Brewer® BioDynamic Compound Premium Compost Tea Starter (Inoculant) Which
Uses Only Handcrafted Ingredients from a Certified Organic AND BioDynamic  Farm
to create The Most Powerful Compost Tea On The Planet!


Vortex Brewer® BioDynamic Compound (formerly Genesis Compound) is hand crafted on a certified organic & BioDynamic farm, using only the finest ingredients and is a representation of genuine BioDynamic compost.

Many have used the word BioDynamic, but few undertake the conscious intention necessary to experience its consequences. Traditionally used on farms, this magical material is now available to the home gardener.

Vortex Brewer® BioDynamic Compound can be used as a compost tea inoculant, a soil/hydroponic amendment, or as a field spray. As little as 1 tablespoon potentized in a Vortex Brewer® is sufficient for an entire acre of land. It is a perfect representation of biological potential and mineral balance. It is a premium BioDynamic humus, the ideal union of the biological, elemental, and energetic realms and can be used in homeopathic dilutions. Humus is the lifeblood of the soil and the potential energy of a living compost tea solution; chock full of the myriad trophic levels of beneficial biology of maximum diversity. Humus is the lifeblood of the soil and due to its colloidal form is soluble and immediately available for use by plants. In Latin, humus means “earth” and gives rise to the adjective “humble”.

Shofar Horn

“Humus is the real black gold. Humus has a beautiful scent; the scent of humus is more sacred and nearer to God than the scent of incense. He who walks through the woods after rain knows this scent.” – Hundertwasser

It is important to understand that our comprehension of “matter” is not actual. Scientists are only able to investigate matter down to the size of a molecule. Beyond this is merely speculation and theory.

For reference, a teaspoon of colloidal humus has the surface area of a football field!

In this twilight zone of matter are found peculiar forms first called “colloidal” by Thomas Graham in 1862. Humus is a colloid, or a type of mixture intermediate between a homogeneousmixture, and a heterogeneous mixture.

Being in between a solution and a suspension, colloidal particles should be considered a condition or state of matter, not any sort of specific material or mineral.

Colloidal matter easily crystallize and have the vital function of diffusing readily through living membranes; clearly defining the dynamic relationship it has as a mediator between life, death, rebirth, and plant growth.

Sea water is colloidal, so are worm castings, or anything that has reached a stable state in its lowest decomposed form.

Most biological products on the market are derived from the lab in Petri dishes, meaning that the life forms lack the collective intelligence and synergy of products from Nature.

Vortex Brewer® BioDynamic Compound is fortified with literally billions of microorganisms of maximum diversity. They all grew up with each other and are very good friends, ready to bring balance and take your garden to another level.


1 cup, 3 cup, 1 gallon,
5 gallon and Larger.



  • Genuine BioDynamic Compost made in Whisky Barrels
  • Made from the Finest Materials on a Certified Organic Farm
  • Hand Crafted Ingredients Buried for up to a Year
  • Use for Compost Tea, Stand Alone in Hydroponics & Soil, or Field Spray
  • 8 oz., 24 oz., 1 gallon & 5 gallon sizes offered…Bulk sizes available too



Organic Grass-fed Highland Cow ManureOrganic Grass-fed Highland Cow Manure: The cow is a sacred animal in some cultures. They have four stomachs, allowing them to completely digest the organic matter that they eat. This results in a more premium base for biological products.

For instance, if one composts a ton of horse manure, the end result is maybe half of that volume. In comparison, composting a ton of cow manure results in a ton of compost.

According to Rudolf Steiner, the founder of BioDynamic agriculture, the cow “is a cosmos of digestion”. The head of any creature is formed by the Sun forces and the hind quarter by the Moon forces. In the cow the humongous head houses a brain that is only as big as your fist. The rest of the bulk of the head is to accommodate a sinus cavity that connects the eyes, ears, palette, brain and horns. In the female cow the sinus cavity extends out into the horn, almost to the tip. This is not so in the bull and is believed to be the origin of “bullshit”.

ultimate fertilizer

When the cow is chewing it’s cud it is being exposed to the nerve-sense pole of the cow [eyes, ears, nose throat, brain]. During the activity of chewing it’s cud the cow is in a meditative state, hence the term ‘ruminating’.

This exposes what is to become the manure to these forces throughout this process enlivening the manure to be the ultimate fertilizer. During this process the horns, which constantly push back the astrality within the cow are at work keeping this astral energy within the cow and its manure.


Earth KelpKelp: Harvested locally from the Atlantic Ocean, the living kelps used are a tremendous resource for soil microbes and in making premium plant food.

Kelp brings very little NPK, but retains valuable micronutrients, growth hormones, and vitamins that can help increase yields, reduce the plant stress from drought, and decrease susceptibility to pest and disease issues.

Kelp is rich in natural organic minerals and nutrients, containing over 60 mineral elements, all 20 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates, and several essential growth hormones, including auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins.

There are few other sources of these amazing plant stimulants found in Nature.


BiocharBiochar: Biochar is a fine-grained charcoal high in organic carbon and largely resistant to decomposition. It is known to create an ideal environment for growing microbes.

As a soil amendment, biochar significantly increases the efficiency of and reduces the need for traditional chemical fertilizers, while greatly enhancing crop yields.


Rock Dusts: Several different paramagnetic rock dusts are used in including granite and basalt.

Rock Dust

Igneous (volcanic) rocks such as these contain the greatest concentration of Paramagnetism. They predate all animal and plant influences. Steiner says that such rocks date back to when the Earth was in a very hot, vaporous state. The life in these would have to be a carry-over from the ancient Sun which gave birth to planet Earth. Silica is the material carrier of this life.

Dr. Phil Callahan was a pioneer of paramagnetic investigation. Water and soil are both highly diamagnetic. When it comes to energetic systems, such as in agriculture and water and in the human body, we are considering the polarity of paramagnetism and diamagnetism, oxygen and water, rock dust and wood, etc. The yin/yang aspect of paramagnetic versus diamagnetic results in tremendous growth forces.

In the soilthe Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism are ‘insulated’ from each other by organic material-but if you use a salt fertilizer, it forms an ionic solution which can conduct electricity, and this short-circuits the P/D polarity, and ruins the soil.


Collidal ClayColloidal clay: Colloidal clay is added as a quickener, allowing the other ingredients to work more efficiently. It is the grease to the wheels, so to speak. Colloidal clay also contributes a broad spectrum of elements and beneficial compounds in forms not found in the living salts.


BioDynamic Preparations (BD500-508): Due to the energetic power and potentization of these preparations, very little is needed to go a LONG way.

Here is a synopsis of each preparation:


BD500 Horn HumusBD500 Horn Humus is the result of cow manure fermented in a female cow horn buried during the winter months, when all of the energy is inside the Earth.

The telluric energies running through the earth transform the manure into another substance entirely. Telluric means “relating to the Earth”. Telluric energies are Earth energies, Earth electricity.

They are naturally occurring phenomenon and can be evidenced in the Earth as ley lines. In the atmosphere this energy creates the aurora borealis. These energies cannot be seen but provide phenomenal benefits to living systems.

Due to the energetic potential acquired by this magical material, one horns worth of BD500 is capable of treating almost four acres of land!

BD 500 relates to organic carbon, calcium and silica.


BD501 Horn Silica is made of finely ground quartz also fermented in a female cow horn. To make BD501 quartz is ground into a dust and mixed with small amounts of spring water to make a paste.

Horn Silica
This is then packed into a cow horn and buried again in the ground, but this time during the spring and summer months, exposing it to the Earth forces of summer.

The telluric energies have a yin/yang – male/female nature to them and these materials are created according to these complimentary energies.

Its function is to enhance light metabolism in the plant, stimulating photosynthesis, increased sap sugars, and the formation of chlorophyll. It is intended to influence the color, aroma, flavor, and keeping quality of the crops.

BD501 exerts its formative influence directly on the plant itself and increases the light-intaking ability of the plant.

BD 501 helps the plant to sense its surroundings. The average horn produces 300-500 grams of 501, enough for 150 to 250 acres of land.


YarrowBD502 Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) prep facilitates the plants utilization of potash and restores to the Earth the power to absorb the finest dilutions of substances. Yarrow is very high in sulfur, combined in a model way with potash. It is created by fermenting the blossoms of yarrow.

As the Greek legend goes, Achilles used the juice of the yarrow plant to rejuvenate his soldiers on the field of battle. As Steiner said, “Yarrow contains that with the spirit always moistens its

fingers (sulfur) to carry the different constituents to the plants organs- carbon, nitrogen, etc.”

Steiner saw sulfur as the mediator between the physical and the formative power of the spiritual reality behind all substance. The work of sulfur brings potash into the organic processes of the soil. BD 502 relates to the “endocrine” system, allowing the farm to regulate purification and excretion.


chamomile-401490_1280BD503 Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) prep is high in sulfur and related to the element calcium. It keeps plants physiologically healthy and stabilizes nitrogen. BD503 relates to the activity of digestion and assimilation.

It is known to transform depleted organic sources into forms available for plant nutrition. It also protects the plant from up taking any toxic elements. It is created by fermeting chamomile after being buried during the active winter months.


BD504 Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioeca) is utilized as the great enlivener of the soil, stimulating its health and helping to provide plants with the individual components of nutrition they most need.

Stinging Nettle

BD504 relates to the heart and circulation of the farm, giving it energy to function. High in sulfur and iron, it can be used to correct iron toxicity or deficiencies, energize minerals or activate soil enzyme potential.

Stinging nettle regulates the effects of manure on soil life to provide optimum conditions for the crops as if the soil were somehow permeated with order and reason. It is also well known to break-up heavy clay soils, build humus, increase nitrogen fixation, and unlock bound micronutrients.


Oak BarkBD505 Oak Bark (Quercus robur) dampens excessive growth forces, thus reducing the crops susceptibility to fungal disease. BD505 relates to the skeletal system, naturally, as 77% of its substance consists of finely distributed calcium.

Of the many forms in which calcium can appear, the calcium structure of oak bark is the most ideal. BD505 provides what plants need to be upright with good form, it also develops the “immune system” of the farm, catalyzing disease resistance.


BD506 Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is also valuable for its calcium, working to attune the growing crop to the subtle influences of its environment. BD506 establishes a balanced relationship between calcium and potassium, and is also related to silicic acid / silica.


Consider how the flower blooms around Easter and opens and closes with the sun. BD506 relates to the “liver and endocrine system”, allowing the farm to balance, regulate, and harmonize its actions.

The flower of the dandelion is to be inserted into a cow’s mesentery – the membrane which surrounds the animal’s internal organs. It is to be buried during the winter. Dandelion attunes the growing crop to the subtle influences of its environment.

For those familiar with medicinal herbs, dandelion should be very familiar.


ValerianBD507 Valerian (Valerianum officinalis) is merely a tincture produced from the juice of valerian blossoms. BD507 relates to the farms “respiration” and ability to produce heat. It will activate phosphorus, bringing it into the organic process.

Being a “warmth-giver” BD507 has been used to protect against late frost damage.

Steiner did not expound upon its significance very much, only to say that Valerian is somehow connected to phosphorous…consider how many products are preserved with phosphoric acid. BD507 Valerian is used by spraying the compost pile and serves to “fix” the finished humus.


HorsetailBD508 Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is not used directly in making BioDynamic compost, but is brewed into a strong tea and sprayed onto plants and trees in the spring and summer to prevent fungus molds.

BD508 regulates “watery growth” common during times of heavy rainfall (especially during full moons). This prep helps to conserve energy during these watery times to ensure a hearty plant with enough energy to fully mature with good form.


Vortex Brewer BioDynamic Compound Earth Sphere is created by hand on a farm that has been in the same family for over 350 years. All of the ingredients are used on purpose so that the material is water soluble. Cow manure is used as the base ingredient. The material is layered with the value-added ingredients, including rock dusts, kelps, clay, etc. and then impregnated with the BioDynamic preps (BD500-508). It is then placed within the Earth sphere, thus utilizing the digesting factors of the telluric Earth energy.

This concoction is incubated in the earth for up to a year as it breathes IN & OUT throughout the seasons. The result is a rich, soluble humus of the highest quality ready to alterably benefit your gardening and farming expectations.

Vortex Brewer® Biodynamic Compound is the finest compost tea inoculant on the planet.



Vortex Brewer® BioDynamic Compound can be used by itself, with custom brewing systems, or any compost tea system on the market. When as a compost tea inoculant, we recommend using Earth Tonic and the Vortex Brewer® system in order to maximize energetic and biological productivity.

  • Compost Tea: Use 2 oz. for every 15 gallons of good clean water.
  • Propagation: Sprinkle onto or stir and water into plugs or starts ASAP.
  • Pre-mix: Utilize at least 1 cup per 2 cu. ft. and mix thoroughly into growing media.
  • Soil/Hydroponics: Use 0.5 oz. for every 5 gal of water, stir solution clockwise & counterclockwise for up to 1 hour and apply as a soil/media drench.
  • Field/Garden Spray: Use 1/3 cup in 5 gal of water in a proper bucket, find a
    comfortable stick and stirring from the periphery create a vortex stirring clockwise & counter-clockwise. Repeat this for 1 hour to potentize. This concoction is energetically sufficient for an entire acre of land!

Small Volume = 1 tsp. = 5 ml = 0.33 tbsp. = 0.17 oz.

Big volume = 1 cu. ft. = 6.43 gal = 119.69 cup


As you can see, Vortex Brewer® BioDynamic Compound provides a myriad of opportunities for you to maximize the potential of your soil. Whether you are using it as part of a custom Compost Tea application, a soil amendment, a field spray or something that we haven’t even conceived yet, you should be in anticipation of very significant results.

Try it for yourself as soon as possible.


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