Inventor of the Vortex Brewer®

Steve Storch - Renaissance Man

Steve Storch is a renaissance man. He is of modern times, but retains a wealth of historical and spiritual wisdom.

His energy and the company that contains it – Natural Science Organics – are responsible for the invention of the Vortex Brewer® compost tea system and some of the finest biological inoculants and mineral supplements on the planet.

Exposed to the realities and potentials of the natural world from an early age, Storch has developed a healthy respect for the mechanisms of living systems and a penetrating insight into how to work with them.

Steve Storch - In the FieldHe now creates and lives with his family on a certified organic and BioDynamic farm in East End Long Island that has been farmed undisturbed for over 350 years.

Storch utilizes the teachings of philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner, who in 1924 gave a series of lectures outlining biodynamic farming principles that can now be found in a work called The Agriculture Course, a must read for anyone interested in plants or gardening.

Steiner was asked to provide these lectures by farmers who were experiencing diseases in their crops and livestock that they never experienced before the dawn of chemical agriculture. BioDynamics was the very first response to chemical farming.

Steve Storch - GreenhouseSteiner devised this organic-energetic agriculture approach to as a response to the degradation of life force on the farm and in our food, not as a “movement”, per se.

To breathe new life into dead soil, BioDynamics combines pragmatic organic farming practices with mystical, astrological and energetic influences.

“Even on the worst chemically abused soil, I can make a difference in one year,” said Storch. You’ll see the biology increase, you’ll start to get some soil structure back from increased microbial activity. This compost and ‘the 500′ are like biological nuclear bombs.”

Steve Storch Checking Soil‘The 500″ he refers to is BD500, the horn prep described by Steiner when he introduced the BioDynamic method.

This is one of nine potentizations performed by BioDynamic practitioners in order to tap into the unobservable aspects of natural systems. Storch creates all of these preparations on the farm when the time is right.

Storch explained the theory behind the ritualistic procedures. “In creating preparations, we’re dealing with very specific biological and energetic processes,” he said. “We end up with highly concentrated preparations that combine cosmic, seasonal, animal and plant energies.”

Steve Storch - CattleStorch is a longtime BioDynamic practitioner with deep experiences regarding the potentials of water and the production of compost and compost teas.

Plants are not inanimate; they are vibrant, energetic beings with inherent intelligence. The BioDynamic farmer lives in communion with his surroundings, not in dominion over them.

He has studied Steiner’s comments and combined them with contemporary experience and insight to produce compost teas beyond compare.

Steve Storch - In GardenHe invented the Vortex Brewer® in 2002 with inspirations from Steiner and the work of Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and others.

The Vortex Brewer® is a profound means of potentizing compost tea solutions, stirring the BioDynamic ‘preps’, or in working with and respecting the abilities of water.

In order to concentrate on the development of new ideas and products, Storch works closely with Global Garden Supply, using them as a distribution arm for his life’s work.

Steve Storch - Nutrient Rich SoilGlobal Garden Supply is also responsible for distribution of his biological inoculants (Compound,  Recharge) and mineral creations (All’s One Tonic).

While the composts and mineral products he creates are beyond “organic”, Storch doesn’t label them as such because of the way in which the federal government recently began to control the process.

In order to be allowed to use the organic label, farmers must prove their compost has been turned at regular intervals and that compost tea has been brewing at a constant temperature.

“They make you make compost on a farm the way you have to treat sewage sludge,” Mr. Storch says, adding that every time compost is turned, the biological processes that are taking place are disturbed.

As he taps scientific biology, ethereal mysticism, and profound respect for life, Storch realizes BioDynamic farming’s ultimate purpose…So the earth may be healed.

Steve Storch - Inventor of the Vortex Brewer<strong>®</strong>