"Your tea has proven to me to be one, if not the MOST important tool in my garden! I wasn't using enough before. Now I use 5 to 10 gallons per reservoir, like you said, and the results are out of this world!!! I need to place an immediate order right now for the 400 gallon kit! I'm also turning on all my grower friends into Vortex tea fanatics..."

- R.H. - Puerto Rico

"Vortex Brewer® is unmatched by anything else I have tried."

- Tyler Omand - Brewster, ME

"We have NEVER had this much success with test plants, thank you!"

- Mark and Joey - Perfect Gardens

"I have been into brewing compost tea for a long time. Your Vortex Brewer® Compost Tea System is superior to all competitors."

- Aaron Bryan - Eureka, CA

"The Vortex Brewer® is absolutely revolutionary. I would put it up against any other kind of brewer on the market. Nothing else stands up next to it, hands down."

- Sammy Akins, CA

"I like the Vortex Brewer® Compost Tea System because it’s super easy to use. Their tea is some of the best compost tea I have ever worked with."

- Craige Furbay - Northern Light and Garden Beaverton, OR

"It makes a good grower great and a great grower a legit green thumb."

- Joe Phillips - Issaquah, WA

"We have a Vortex Brewer®. Our customers get a free gallon with every purchase or they can purchase a gallon. They keep coming in for it. We love it and it really works"

- Pueblo Hydroponics and Organics Pueblo, CO