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For starting your own small brewery try our Compost Tea products for different brew sizes as well as our compost pile that helps the ground below you grow with additional organic materials that we provide.

Introducing…Compost Tea in a Box!

Compost tea is a living solution. It is the act of growing microbes in an aerated solution with food sources and mineral catalysts.

When fed and aerated, beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and all of their microscopic friends contained in the soil food web begin to replicate to extraordinary concentrations.

The concept is really no different than keeping an aquarium.teabox

You have to aerate water and feed your fish to keep them alive, same with microbes. The Compost Tea in a Box kit is designed to be accomplished with a simple air pump and 5 gallon bucket.

Every gardener deserves an experience with a genuine living solution. After all, you can’t buy this kind of solution on a shelf. Packaging the microbes in a non-aerated container kills them over short periods of time. Now you can make it at home and use directly in your soil or hydroponic garden and watch your plants thrive.

Compost tea can be created in unlimited ways. There is still so much left to discover. Start with our recommendations, years of research and trial & error have gone into creating our formulas.

Rest assured your garden has never seen anything like it.

We give composting a name like we invented it, but in reality it is simply a concentration of a natural process for human benefit.

Organic matter does not just melt, it is biologically digested by micro-organisms, or microbes, in the same way the microbes live in our gut and help us digest the food we eat.

We can’t see them, but microbes perform this task for many different creatures and are absolutely vital to life on Earth. Worms use bacteria to create worm castings, cows to make manure. Even termites harbor fungi in their gut to help them to digest wood.

There’s no getting around it, everywhere, these microscopic life forms perform the task of breaking down organic matter into perfect plant food, or humus.

Think of it this way, in the forest the trees don’t eat the leaves, they eat what the microbes make of them. Just imagine how much “plant food” is locked up in your lawn or garden?

Humus is the lifeblood of the Earth. Due to its colloidal form it is soluble and immediately available for use by plants. And plants are the platform for all of life.

compost-pile-in-a-boxIn Latin, humus means “Earth” and gives rise to the adjective “humble”.

Humus cannot be replaced by artificial fertilizers. But, fortunately for us, humus can be created in the back yard if the right conditions are created and the right materials are used.

Not only are we going to help you do it, we’re going to help you create the best humus your garden has ever seen. And the result will be the best garden, crops, plants, trees or turf of your life!

Compost Pile in a Box contains Earth Recharge and Earth Tonic. These materials aid in creating the highest quality humus attainable. Here’s a quick introduction.


Compost Tea Products