Vortex Brewer® Flaska

The BEST Water Experience You Will Ever Have.

All water is NOT the same. This is the central message of the Vortex Brewer® and now we have an easy way to prove this to you.

The Flaska water bottle is an amazing device. Not only is it durable and made out of glass with zero plastics coming into contact with your water, the Vortex Brewer® Flaska makes your water taste incredible.

Think of it is a portable water spring, you really will not believe how amazing these things are until you try it. Flaska bottle has many benefits for its owner. It will help you take care of your health, preserve the environment, save some money and offer the benefits of structured water.

Structured water is a new concept to most people, but water’s role in Nature is much more than physical hydration. Water is the medium by which Nature communicates with herself.

In short, everything in existence has a unique vibration and water can “remember” this vibration, for good or for bad, given exposure to it. This is the magic behind the Vortex Brewer® system.

For a detailed description of Flaska’s TPS (technology of programming silicon) process, see here:


The bottom line is that the Vortex Brewer® Flaska will be the BEST water experience you have ever had!! Try it today.